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Urvi was well informed about the market.

I had relocated from Dallas and she helped me with narrowing down on the areas based on my interest and detailed requirements. She always kept me informed about anything that was going on during the entire process and took it upon herself to find us a good bang for the buck. She is really friendly and made the entire house buying process very easy. Her response time was quickest when compared to other Real Estate Professionals. She also has a great network of people for financing, remodeling, inspections, locksmiths, etc and never pushed me to go with any specific person, always kept my best interest in mind. I would use her services again and highly recommend her to anyone looking for real estate professionals in/ around Austin area

Nitish Gupta

Urvi is awesome!

She is friendly, responsive and made the entire home buying process very easy. Any questions I had, she answered very promptly and was available just about every time I needed her. She is technologically savvy, which I appreciate very much. Most communications/signings were done online or via email or text. She created a special search portal with my criteria built right in so I could narrow down exactly what I wanted. I could not be more pleased with my new home and with all the help she provided in helping me find and close on it. I would highly recommend working with her when buying/selling or renting a home

Anna Zatopek

As an investor I have worked with many agents for past 20y's ,I have to Admit that Miss.

Urvi Desai is one of the most aggressive agents in marketing and sale of my properties ,she is a very knowledgeable and pleasant agent to work with , I'm very glad that I decided to list my properties with her ,so far in first 2 weeks after listing ,I had an offer on my duplex and will be closing next week ,also on my single family property we've got an offer on 3rd week that is going to title for closing next month , I strongly recommend this young lady don't let her young age foul you she has experience of an 50y old , Miss .Desai its nice to have you as my Agent , Thank you . H.P

Homayoun Pooyan

Urvi was very professional, courteous and prompt.

She responded to every email and text we sent almost immediately. She was very patient with us as we were trying to find a rental rather quickly. Within a week, Urvi had negotiated our terms with the landlord and we had keys to the perfect place for us! I would recommend Urvi to anyone looking to rent or buy!

Anna Zapotek

It was her first home sale in Steiner Ranch area and it was our first time selling a house in US.

I found out about her contact info through a friend and we set up a meeting to talk. Honestly I was not sure what to expect..She showed up on time and we were completely blown away with her preparations and the way she carried her self and answered all our questions/concerns with patience. She helped us stage the house for sale and house was sold in less than 15 days for asking price. She is an excellent realtor, capable professional, and social media savvy to market and I would strongly recommend her for any realty transactions. Thank you Urvi

Dipal Modi

As a 23 yr old first time home buyer - I can't possibly fathom how this purchase would have been possible without the guidance of Urvi and her work parter - Roma.

From the we met, till the day of closing, it felt like we were a team, working together to find my first home :). Not only did they address each and every one of my barrage of questions, but they went one step further by pointing out what other questions and factors I SHOULD be asking. They are both experts in the Austin area real estate market. Their finesse in facilitating a buyer to purchase a home was evident through their expertise in various styles, forms of communication, negotiating tactics, critical and persuasive speaking/writing that you want in a good realtor. Furthermore, they maintain extensive evolving list of lenders, appraisers, surveyors, inspectors, handymen, specialized tradesmen, etc., to call on when necessary and helped me in availing their services as well. At the end of the day, I felt like I learnt a lot of invaluable knowledge about the home buying process, along with my first new home of course, thanks to Urvi and Roma :).

Neil Bhargava, Buyer

Urvi provides excellent customer service with special attention to your personal needs.

She will go above and beyond to get you the home that you're searching for. She is knowledgeable and has great connections with everyone involved in the home buying process. I was a first time home buyer without a stitch of knowledge as to what I wanted in a home or how to get it. She guided me through each step and made the process easy, fun and smooth. She connected me to a excellent lender who explained the financial part and gave me several loan options to fit my needs. She got me a good inspector and can even recommend a handy-man and cleaning lady. I wanted a home that had multiple offers and Urvi used her charisma and skill to make my offer the most appealing to the seller.

Erin Mc.Elroy

We were passively in the market, had been in our house for 5 years but wanted to get closer to the office.

Urvi met us at an open house and fought for our business. We didn't know her beforehand, but we filled out the reference form and within 3 days she had a potential buyer for our home (that wasn't even on the market). In order to sell our home we needed to start looking at buying a new one. Urvi met with us and showed us multiple properties over the next 2 weeks and guided us as we made offers (this market is crazy). She was very efficient with the time we had (we sold and bought a house through her....seamless) and leveraged her connections to our advantage. Urvi is very high touch when it comes to keeping her clients informed about various changes or updates in the process. That tenacity really attracted us to her (we wanted someone who would best represent our interests) and that continued throughout the whole process. Urvi navigated our closing well as we had delays with the selling of our home and she had to tread carefully to keep our buying of a new home moving smoothly. Throughout the process we never doubted that she would make sure that our voices were heard in both processes. We sold our home through Urvi in 6 days for $10k over an already high asking price. We bought our home with ~$10k negotiated sellers contribution to closing costs. The numbers speak for themselves. I won't promise those numbers to you as each process as different. However, Urvi knows this market, represents her clients interests, and negotiates on their behalf with the eagerness that you would want from an agent.

Ian and Julianne Caroll

Urvi was unbelievably prompt and helpful.

It was less than five days from the first time I contacted her until we had signed a lease on our rental house, which was not the home I originally contacted her about. She helped us fight to get the house we wanted and worked late hours to ensure we got our paperwork in. She was proactive and expedient and she will be who we use when we are ready to purchase our first home.

Rachel Crawford

Our experience with Urvi was awesome!

She was very helpful in every aspect; from financing to closing processes. She worked very hard, always responded my questions and concerns promptly and always tried her best on negotiating for us. I was really amazed by her work attitude. she is a agent who you can trust. 100% satisfaction, would recommend her to everyone!

Yueh Chen, Buyer

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